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Provided below is the traditional and modern gift guides for wedding anniversaries. Whilst the list below is still used as a guide, as time has moved on new traditions have emerged such as the giving of an eternity ring on the 1st wedding anniversary. The Anniversary Gems list is a recent compilation that is recognised by the Jewellers Association of Australia.


Year Traditional Modern Anniversary Gems
1 Paper Clocks Pearl
2 Cotton China Coral
3 Leather Crystal,Glass Turquoise
4 Linen, Silk Appliances (electrical) Amber
5 Wood Silverware Diamond
6 Iron Wood Objects Sapphire
7 Wool, Copper Desk sets, Pen & Pencil sets Aquamarine
8 Bronze Linens, Lace Amethyst
9 Pottery Leather goods Tourmaline
10 Tin, Aluminium Diamond Jewellery Diamond Jewellery
11 Steel Fashion Jewellery, Accessories Garnet
12 Silk Pearls, Coloured Gems Citrine
13 Lace Textiles, Furs Lapis
14 Ivory Gold Jewellery Opal
15 Crystal Watches Diamond
16 Silver Holloware Jade
17 Furniture Furniture Emerald
18 Porcelain Malachite
19 Bronze Beryl
20 China Platinum Diamond
25 Silver Silver Silver
30 Pearl Diamond Diamond
35 Coral, Jade Jade Pearl
40 Ruby Ruby Ruby
45 Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire
50 Gold Gold Gold
55 Emerald Emerald Emerald
60 Diamond Diamond Diamond